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Creation Links

Creationists believe the Bible when Genesis says God created the heavens and the earth, rejecting the teaching of evolution.

Creation Ministries International - providing lots of info, books, etc.

Answers in Genesis - Defending Creation.

Creation Evolution Headlines - Click the “Latest News” button once on their site.

One of my favorite sites, commenting on articles that appear in science news from a creationist viewpoint.

S8int.com - Not a typo but the name of the site. It is not as slick as some sites but jam-packed with interesting articles and information on creation-evolution.

Intelligent Design proponents do not believe in evolution and instead believe in a designer, however they do NOT discuss the “designer” and do not come from a biblical viewpoint. Much of their research confirms that the universe has a designer and that evolution is insufficient to explain complexity.
Intelligent Design  -  Headlines and great links.
The Discovery Institute - Key players in the Intelligent Design movement.
Either God created the universe or everything arose on it’s own through unguided natural processes. Both can’t be true and you must make your choice on what to believe.

It is my contention that mainstream scientists do three things.
They begin with an assumption that “there is no God”. This is a religious belief, not a scientific one. This is boldly claimed with no “experimental” evidence, making it unscientific. This is also hypocritical since they accuse Christians of having a religious starting point. Well, so do they.
They over-state the actual strength of their arguments and evidence. The Cambrian explosion (fossils without ancestors) and the sheer impossibility of the first replicating cell are examples.  The actual evidence for evolution is sparse and can be explained differently.
Finally, mainstream scientists refuse to publish or explore evidence or critiques from creationists. This is the very core of being “unscientific” and is unforgivable from supposed people of science.
How can real science operate when experiments, explanations and conclusions are sent only to sympathetic friends for evaluation.

The problems with accepting creation are few compared to the staggering problems with believing that everything we see evolved by unguided natural forces.

For me, I believe Jesus as He talked about Adam and Eve and Genesis. I have reviewed the evidence and arguments from both sides and conclude that evolution lacks the hard science and evidence of proof.

Instead, I believe Jesus who is an eyewitness and was there at creation!
Intelligent Design Links You have a choice to make